Save Your Back & Butt – The Must Have Tool for Pulling Fence Posts

“Experience is the teacher of all things.”
– Julius Caesar

When I was 36 years old, I managed to give myself the largest thrombosed hemorrhoid that my doctor had ever seen.
I developed the enormous “pain in the butt” because I had spent the previous day pulling metal “T” posts over a 4 acre area. The only tools and equipment I used was a pair of rawhide gloves, a hat and sheer ambition.
When I think back on that day it’s a miracle that I didn’t put my back out too. It was a mistake for sure.

Anyone who has ever had to pull lots of metal or wooden fence posts without a jack or puller knows where I’m coming from on this.
What I didn’t know when I was younger, but know now, is that there’s a tool called a “T” post jack or “T” post puller or post popper.

Save You Back and Butt With A Post Jack

A Post Jack Is Sometimes Called A Post Popper Or Post Puller

A “T” post jack or puller is unbelievably easy to use and will remove both wooden posts and metal posts. The puller employs the simple machine principles of a lever and fulcrum.
The way that the jack works, is that the jack grabs onto the post with a built-in notch for “T” posts or a chain for large wooden posts.

Removing A Post With One Hand

I Can Remove A “T” Post Just Using One Hand

As the lever of the puller is worked, the chain or notch catches and grips the post and jacks it up and out of the ground.

I promise you the pulling is quite smooth and effortless.
In fact I spent a full day two years ago pulling posts that were set deeper than 2 feet and never strained once.
If you are going to involved yourself in much fencing I recommend that you spend the money and buy a “T” post jack.

Post Out Of The Ground

Post Up And Out Of The Ground In Under 30 Seconds With A Post Jack

You don’t need to spend much more than about $65 – $80 to get a really good one that will last for years and years.
They are worth every penny and you’ll save yourself a lot of pushing, pulling and straining. Not to mention, you’ll be spared a look of total amazement on your doctor’s face.



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