The Care & Feeding Of Asparagus

Asparagus care and feeding is pretty simple. Every year in mid spring the green spears of asparagus emerge from the soil ready to be picked off by hand or cut. Once an asparagus bed is established it will continue to grow for years and years in the same spot with minimal attention.

Asparagus Grow Tall When Fed & Cared For

Tall Asparagus. The White Fence Post Is 48″ Tall

In my garden asparagus grow tall and healthy. I think it’s because I never weed the rows of asparagus and because the asparagus are top dressed every year with up to 8” of hardwood ashes .

Red Arrow Points To Wood Ashes That Have Been Dumped On A Bed Of Asparagus

Red Arrow Points To Wood Ashes That Have Been Dumped On A Bed Of Asparagus

Hardwood ashes are a rich source of potassium and asparagus are heavy feeders of potassium.

I almost never feed the asparagus plants anything but ashes. But every 3 or 4 years or so, I’ll dump a load of well-rotted manure on top of the snow-covered beds. As the snow melts in the spring, the goodness of the manure is pulled down into the soil.
I don’t weed my asparagus beds after the first year they are put in.
Life is too short for that kind of nonsense. The beds will certainly grow weedy.

Young Asparagus In May

Young Asparagus In May

But in the fall I burn off the asparagus fronds and the weeds after a hard killing frost. It’s an easy way to maintain the beds and the asparagus seem to thrive on being burned off in the fall.
In the spring I rake out the heaps of wood ash across the beds and sprinkle a small amount of loose agricultural or livestock salt. Salting the beds helps to keep the weeds down before the first asparagus spears appear and gives a month or two of perfect weed control.


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