The Best Time For Setting Fence Posts

Sooner or later most small holders or garden farmers will have occasion to erect a permanent fence.
Whether you build it yourself or pay someone else to construct a fence, there is no getting around it – fencing is expensive.

Pick The Best Time To Set Fence Posts

Sturdy Fence Posts Hold High-Tensile Fencing

In fact fencing can be one of the most costly capital improvements on a homestead or small farm. It often takes years to get good sturdy fences put up.

But once they’re up, they will last for years with sensible maintenance. When building fences it’s a false economy to go on the cheap.
Build the best fence you can afford.

But before you drive a fence post into the ground, you may want to consider a bit of fence building folk wisdom from our agrarian ancestors.
Pay attention to the moon’s cycle (and to where the water line is).

Fence Post Set On Top Of Water Line

I Guess We Busted The Water Line To The Barn

The moon’s monthly cycle affects how well a fence post will stay in the ground. The most suitable time for driving and setting fence posts is when the moon is waning. Earth days are the most favorable – Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.
Avoid the water sign Cancer. Posts will loosen and rot more quickly if set in that sign.
Fence posts can also be set on the day of the new moon.
With correct lunar timing a well set fence or gate post will stay in the ground. It will not shift nor heave and the posts will remain rock-solid even after 30 or 40 years.
Consult any good almanac for lunar cycles.


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