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Mummy Apples

Mummy Apple

Yesterday I worked in my apple orchard removing mummified apples. Mummy apples are apples that turn brown, shrivel and do not drop from the tree. Mummy apples contribute to certain disease and fungus cycles in apple trees. Fire Blight and Bitter Rot are the two main diseases that my apple orchard is prone to. Good…

Apple Trees – Selection, Planting & Basic Care

Apple Organic

I own a small apple orchard of about 35 trees. I started my orchard over 27 years ago when I moved to my farm as a new bride. At the time my husband and I had just started to remake his old family homestead.The farm had been left idle for an entire generation and we…

Husband & Wife Trees

Husband Wife Trees In July

There are two very large maple trees standing side by side in my front yard near an old shallow well. They are called Husband and Wife trees. Old timers called them that and you hardly ever hear the term any more. It has gone out of fashion: like marrying for life and farming. Eric Sloane…