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Supplies To Keep Hand For An Animal Health Emergency


Animals rarely pick a convenient time to have an emergency. So when one comes up, it is good idea to be prepared and to have some basic supplies on hand and to keep a few things in mind. For starters ask yourself, is this animal a pet? Or it this an animal that will be…

A Year’s Worth Of Food & Supplies

A Year's Worth Of Food And Supplies

Every June I start anew the annual cycle of putting aside one year’s worth of food and supplies. The goal is to have all the food and supplies I need in my pantry, cupboards, closets and cellar by Halloween. My practical food storage education first began in the mid 1980’s when I attempted to store…

2008 -2009 Pantry & Supplies List


Sometimes when people look at my pantry & supplies list they assume that what they are seeing is a complete list of a year’s worth of food and supplies for 2 middle age adults. Not so. My pantry and supplies list is simply a glorified shopping and “to do” list. It’s a tool to tell…