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Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm

Shooting A Semi Auto .22

Here’s a must listen to for anyone from a non gun background contemplating the purchase of their first firearm. Common sense and life experience prevails in this 20 minute podcast.  It’s an old episode from GRANNY MILLER RADIO. The topic is “Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm”. The outline of the show: A .22 rifle is…

Granny Miller Radio – A Beginner’s Guide To Chickens

Cornish X Rock Meat Chicken

Here’s a blast from the past! A Beginner’s Guide To Chickens. It’s my favorite podcast from the old GRANNY MILLER RADIO. Please note that this is a podcast that has been illustrated with images that I happened to have. Not all images will correspond to what is being said. Here’s some resources that are mentioned in…