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How to Can Grapefruit or Orange Sections

Home Canned Red Grapefruit Sections

Home canning grapefruit or orange sections is easy. It results in a superior product when compared to commercially canned grapefruit or orange sections. Canning grapefruit or orange sections yourself  is a cost-effective way to increase variety in your long-term food storage. Grapefruit, oranges and other citrus fruits are considered to be high acid foods.  High…

Video – The Easy Way To Peel Grapefruit or Oranges

Cutting The Peel From A Grapefruit

Please join me in my kitchen while I share the fastest and the easiest way to peel whole grapefruit or oranges for either home canning or fruit salad. The secret is in the serrated knife. It’s the only method that I use when canning or freezing a large amount of citrus.