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Black Badger Face Border Cheviot Lamb

Badger Face Border Cheviot Lamb

Spring has finally arrived here in western Pennsylvania! Daffodils are beginning to bloom and lambing season is finished. For the most part this year’s lambing season went smoothly. But there was one big surprise. An unusual Badger Face ewe lamb was born about 10 days ago. The ewe lamb is a twin out of two…

Care And Management Of Hypothermic Lambs & Kid Goats

A Mildly Hypothermic Lamb

Gosh it’s cold outside! Hypothermic lambs and kid goats can become a real problem in this kind of weather. Throughout much of North America, the record cold is interfering with the health and well-being of many early season neonatal lambs and goat kids. Lambs and goat kids can take quite a bit of cold as…

How To Dock A Lamb’s Tail

Lambs With Newly Banded Tails

All lambs born on my farm get their tails docked. There are many different ways to accomplish tail docking and it varies by location, culture and tradition. Tail docking (shortening of the tail) is usually done in the United States to protect sheep against blowfly strike. Sometimes when young lambs or adult sheep are on…