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Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm

Shooting A Semi Auto .22

Here’s a must listen to for anyone from a non gun background contemplating the purchase of their first firearm. Common sense and life experience prevails in this 20 minute podcast.  It’s an old episode from GRANNY MILLER RADIO. The topic is “Choosing Your First Homestead Firearm”. The outline of the show: A .22 rifle is…

Apple Trees – Selection, Planting & Basic Care

Apple Organic

I own a small apple orchard of about 35 trees. I started my orchard over 27 years ago when I moved to my farm as a new bride. At the time my husband and I had just started to remake his old family homestead.The farm had been left idle for an entire generation and we…

101 Basic Homesteading Skills

Collage of Homestead Life

The list below was first published on December 30, 2012. It was compiled by my husband and me in less than twenty minutes while sitting at our kitchen table.What follows below is a partial list of homesteading skills that my husband and I share between us. I offer this list as a starting point to…