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Goat or Cow? The Right Homestead Dairy Animal For Your Family

Alpine Nanny Goat

So you are ready for a homestead dairy animal but don’t know which animal to choose. Should it be a dairy goat or a dairy cow? Here’s some practical advice to help you make the right decision. There’s A Difference My husband and I have a mixed dairy marriage. He’s a “goat person” and I’m…

How To Give Animal Injections

Injection Site For Pigs

As a veterinarian, I’m always giving animals injections for one reason or another. I give vaccines, I give antibiotics, I give pain medications and other drugs. Often when I’m treating an animal, I give owners instructions on how to administer the medication themselves so that they can continue the treatment. Many of my clients already…

Pick The Time Of Day When Lambs or Kids Are Born

A Group Of Pregnant Border Cheviot Ewes

Did you know that the way a pregnant ewe or nanny goat is managed can influence when she will lamb or kid, and how quickly she’ll lamb or kid? It’s true. The time of day that a pregnant ewe or nanny goat is fed can influence when she will lamb or kid and how quickly…