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Goat or Cow? The Right Homestead Dairy Animal For Your Family

Alpine Nanny Goat

So you are ready for a homestead dairy animal but don’t know which animal to choose. Should it be a dairy goat or a dairy cow? Here’s some practical advice to help you make the right decision. There’s A Difference My husband and I have a mixed dairy marriage. He’s a “goat person” and I’m…

An Easy Trick To Help Pick A Calm Cow

Low head Whorl

Selecting young cattle for future breeding is as much an art as it is a science. It’s a guessing game in regards to future temperament, productivity, milking ability and mothering. Temperament in cows is an important trait to keep in mind especially with a small herd. Temperament in many animals is hereditary. Good sound feet,…

Kerry Cattle

Kerry Cow

My husband and I originally bought Kerry cattle for an integrated dairy production project that involved two different family farms. The plan was that our neighbors would keep them and milk them along with their dairy cows on their farm, while my husband and I would raise the heifers and feed out the steers for…