Soak Hard Seeds For Easier Germination

Sometimes hard seeds need a little help. Did you know that if you soak hard coated flower seeds like Morning Glories, Sweet Peas, Four O’clock or Moon Flowers in water for 24 hours before you plant them that they will germinate easier? It’s true. In nature hard seeds are usually dropped in the autumn. The hard coating is naturally worn away by moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle during the winter and early spring months.

A Morning Glory Vine

A Morning Glory

Adding a little milk, lemon juice or vinegar to the water helps to break down the hard seed coating and allows for an easier seed germination.

Soaking Hard Seeds

Soaking Morning Glory Seeds For 24 Hours Before Planting

Another trick is to nick the bottom of the hard seed with a nail file or sharp knife before it is soaked.
With Morning Glories I will usually nick about half of the seeds in a standard package before soaking them in water.
With Sweet Peas, Four O’clock s and Moon Flowers I soak them in water but seldom bother to nick them.

Using A Nail File To Cut Through A Hard Seed Shell

Using A Nail File To Cut Through A Hard Seed Shell

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