Preventing Rust On A Cook Stove

The best way I’ve found to keep rust away from a cook stove is with a light layer of vegetable shortening or cooking oil.
The photo below shows the difference between the areas that have been oiled and the areas that haven’t. The oiled areas are much darker.

Greade Cook Stove Tp Prevent Rust

Half Of The Hob Area Of The Cook Stove Has Been Greased With Shortening

My cook stove is solid cast iron and is particularly prone to drawing rust all over and not just on the top. Rust is more of a problem during the summer than during the winter. During the summer the weather is humid and the cook stove is idle.

Cook Stove

Cook Stove During The Summer

During the winter the cook stove is in use every day and doesn’t have a chance to get many rust spots.
But it will occasionally get a few. Mostly the spots that form are rings from where I set down a wet pan when the stove was cool.

Every few weeks or so I use a clean cloth to apply a bit of vegetable shortening or cooking oil to the top cooking surface of the stove (the hub) and along the sides and doors.

Greasing Cook Stove To Prevent Rust

Greasing The Top or Hob of Cook Stove

It feels like polishing furniture but in reality it’s more like oiling a gun.  After the stove is well oiled or greased it takes a while for the grease to burn off from the hub. It’s easy to tell when I have polished the stove because
not only does the stove look better. But the whole house smells like I’m cooking pancakes for 2 days as the shortening slowly burns off.

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