Plyban Cheesecloth

I make a lot of homemade Greek yogurt. I don’t know if you know it or not but Greek yogurt is simply regular yogurt which has been drained with cheese cloth to make it thicker. In fact if you drain yogurt overnight you’ll end up with yogurt cheese – but that’s a whole other post.

Plyban Cheese Cloth

Plyban Cheesecloth Lining A Colander Full Of Homemade Yogurt

The actual point of this post is the special type of cheesecloth that I use in my kitchen. It is the only type I recommend for Greek yogurt and for all cheese making.

I use a synthetic plastic cheesecloth called “Plyban”.  I prefer Plyban because the weave is tighter than regular cheesecloth and one piece will last me a really long time.

Plyban Hanging On Line To Dry

Plyban Hanging On Line To Dry

Curds don’t tend to stick to the surface of Plyban the way that they will with regular cotton cheesecloth. Nor will Plyban stain or discolor from repeated usage like cotton cheesecloth.

Plyban is completely washable and will hold its shape after repeated washings. Plyban is much more expensive than regular cheesecloth. But to my way of thinking it’s worth it. Plyban usually comes in a 40″ width and runs about $6 to $7 a yard. Sometimes you can find Plyban cheaper than that. You usually have to buy a 10 yard minimum which isn’t a problem if you can go in on an order with 2 or 3 other families. But if you can’t find somebody to split an order with – that’s an awful lot of cheesecloth!
If you only need a little bit, last I knew Hoegger Supply was selling two 18″X22″ sheets of Plyban for $3.95.

I clean Plyban by gently scraping any excess yogurt or cheese from the surface with a butter knife prior to hand washing it in hot soapy water. I rinse it well and hang it out to dry. Once it’s dry I fold it up and place it neatly in the cupboard to wait for another cheese or batch of yogurt.

Folded Plyban

Plyban Folded After Washing


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