Kitchen Herb Garden

I keep a small kitchen herb garden right off my front porch. It’s a convenient location. While I’m cooking if I need fresh parsley, basil, sage, rosemary, mint or any other herb, it’s just a quick trip out the door.

Kitchen herb gardens that backup to a house or any other building, in general do best when facing south.

That’s because a southern exposure usually insures full sun and keeps the herbs out of the shade or shadows.

Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden Located Within In Easy Distance To Kitchen

Most kitchen herbs require very average to poor soil and lots of sunshine to be healthy and vigorous. About 8 to 12 hours of sun a day is best for most common garden herbs. The exceptions that I can think of are the various types of mints, lemon balm and sometimes sweet woodruff.

Sweet Woodruff In Herb Garden

Sweet Woodruff

Those herbs will do quite well in a moist, semi-shaded location. Mints thrive in dappled sunlight and in rich, loamy soil. In my herb garden I keep a path made of flat stones to help keep my feet dry and clean while I gather herbs or work in the garden.
Now that fall is here it is easy to see the configuration of the herb garden. During the summer months the basic structure of the garden is hidden under all the plant growth.

Herb Garden In November

Herb Garden In November

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