Egg Shell Seed Pots

Did you know that back in the days before commercial peat pots and plastic trays people used a half of an egg-shell to start seeds?
That’s right. An egg-shell is a good container to sow a seed in.

Planting Geranium Seeds In Egg Shell Pots

Planting Geranium Seeds In Egg Shell Pots

Egg shells are small, lightweight, porous, earth friendly and readily available. In fact egg shells are free if you own chickens.

Here’s the way to use egg shells for seed pots.

  • Crack the egg high up on the small end. I use the dull edge of a knife blade to make the crack.
  • Empty the contents of the egg and rinse out the shell.
  • Poke 2 or 3 small holes in the bottom of the shell. I use a metal shish-kabob skewer.
  • Fill the half shell with seed starter soil and sow a seed. Small seeds from plants that grow slow work best.Green peppers and sweet onion seeds are examples of seeds that are often started indoors but grow slow.
  • Bury the egg shells halfway in a container filled with sand. The Styrofoam top of an egg carton works well for a sand container.Cut the egg carton on the fold line to fit on a window sill.
  • Water the sand and then cover the container with plastic. Plastic wrap from a store-bought loaf of bread will work.
  • Set the container in a warm place until germination.Most seeds need warmth and not light to germinate.

After the seeds germinate remove the plastic and move the eggs shells to the light
Always water the sand instead of the egg-shell. Because egg shells are porous and holes were poked in the bottom of the egg-shell, water will wick up to the plant.

When it’s time to plant the seeding in the garden, gently crush the egg-shell or remove the seeding without disturbing the root system.
Dig a small hole, fill the hole with water, put the seeding in and fill the hole with soil.
Pretty simple.

Plants From Egg Shell Seed Pots

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