Cut Scapes For Bigger Garlic

Here’s a simple trick for bigger garlic bulbs. Cut the scape from the garlic plant before it begins to mature and produce bulblets.  A scape is the immature flower of a garlic plant.

All varieties of garlic will produce a scape, but only the hard neck Rocambole type will produce a scape that curls.

Garlic With Scapes

Garlic At The End Of June

The curl of the stem is the reason Rocambole garlic is sometimes called “Serpent Garlic“.
Yesterday I cut the tops off of my garlic so that it would produce a bigger bulb.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes Collected After Cutting Them Off The Garlic Plants

By cutting the scapes, the plant’s energy will go to the bulb and not to the flowers and will enable it to produce the biggest possible bulb.

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