Why A New Homestead?

Collage of Homestead Life

Homestead Life

Well the short answer is because I’m no longer a young woman.

My husband and I decided after many years of careful thought and consideration to cease active farming. Our plan is to subdivide our farm and sell off the front part as a small hobby farm, and build a new homestead for ourselves on the back part of the farm.

We’re aware that our lives are moving from middle age into old age. The accompanying life changes that come with age are inevitable and we’re preparing sensibly for the future. 2017 is a good time for us to transition from a small working farm to an ordinary homestead.

So why should you care about what two old people do?

Well that’s because in the coming months GRANNY MILLER readers are going to see and read about exactly what it looks like to start a homestead from scratch.
Readers will have a chance to look over my shoulder while I make choices and decisions. I’m going to share many parts of the process of starting a homestead from scratch. I will certainly make some mistakes with my new homestead. But with well over 35 years of direct experience, I guarantee you there won’t be too many.
Our new home is being designed as a 1 level home so that my husband and I can “age in place”. There hasn’t been much ever written about growing old on a homestead. The process should be interesting to older readers for obvious reasons.  For younger readers, or for those who are just starting out and are planning their new homesteads, there will hopefully be a few lessons and insights for them as well.

Over the next several months GRANNY MILLER readers are invited to watch as :

  • A new homestead site is chosen
  • Septic and well testing is conducted
  • A road is built
  • Electric and cable is brought to the site
  • The design of a new home is completed that will facilitate the means for elderly or handicap persons to remain as self-sufficient as possible
  • New vegetable and flower gardens are planned and constructed
  • Construction begins for a new homestead
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