2008 -2009 Pantry & Supplies List

Sometimes when people look at my pantry & supplies list they assume that what they are seeing is a complete list of a year’s worth of food and supplies for 2 middle age adults.
Not so. My pantry and supplies list is simply a glorified shopping and “to do” list. It’s a tool to tell me what I must can, freeze, buy and do before the coming winter months. I try to have everything on my list completed and bought before the middle of October – November 1st at the very latest. What you won’t see on my list are things like milk and eggs. We produce all of our own eggs so there is no need to list that.

Supplies Include Fresh Eggs

A Buckeye Hen In The Spring

Milk – we buy milk from a local dairy so there is no need to list that either.
However, I do make sure that I always have canned evaporated milk for baking and cooking. This year I don’t need as much canned milk as in previous years because I have 12 cans of milk left in my pantry. Same goes for butter. I have 6 pounds of butter on my list – not as much as last year. That’s because I have 21 pounds of butter in the freezer already. We use just over 25 pounds of store-bought butter every year. If raw cream is available we will make some homemade butter. That is taken into consideration when I make out my list.

There are other items that don’t appear on my list because they are a part of the unknown in planning. You’ll find that there is still no Kleenex on my list. That’s because I have 3 boxes of tissue left from the original 10 boxes I bought a couple of years ago. I use facial tissues only to remove my makeup.

We get few colds. So as long as no one gets a bad cold or just a short one, we’ll be just fine.
But if one of us gets really sick, we’ll be blowing our noses with toilet paper or cloth handkerchiefs and picking up a box of Kleenex when we are picking up our prescription from the drug store.
Same principle applies to the apples, potatoes, squash and other vegetables that will go to the cellar.
I can’t know in June how many apples, potatoes or other fruits and vegetable will be harvested. I can only make an educated guess.

Apples Are Part Of The List

An Immature Apple

So much depends upon factors outside of my control: weather, bugs, disease and acts of God. Ultimately it is God who will determine how many apples, berries and grapes are available to us in the coming year. If you compare this year’s list to last year’s list you will notice a change in things like the amount of jelly and jams.

Homemade Jams,Fruit Butters & Jellies

Homemade Jams,Fruit Butters & Jellies

This is a reflection of changing household needs and concerns. I’m too fat and plan on limiting sweets. It’s an easy way for me to cut back on empty calories.

Changing needs are also reflected on the “To Do & To Get” part of the list.
Coal is listed. Last winter was the first time we burned any significant amount of coal in the basement stove. We plan to burn some coal again this year too. That’s a changing need.

Anthracite Coal

A Hod Of Anthracite Coal

What I really notice about this year’s list is the amount items that I can’t produce myself; especially household cleaning products and over the counter medicine.
The OTC medicine is replenishing old supplies and disposing of unused products that have gone out of date because we never used them.
The household supplies are part of a natural cycle where I had an excess in the past couple of years and now I’m down to almost nothing.

I keep a copy of my list in my purse and I methodically go through the list and purchase what I need. In the past I have set aside about $35 a week for that purpose. This year that probably won’t change much.


2008 – 2009 Pantry & Supplies List


Meat: 25 chickens, 2 lambs, 1/4 beef, (#15 canned beef cubes), 75 cans of fish, 1 deer ground (?)

#10 kielbasa sausage, #15 pork sausage, #10 bacon, #25 assorted pork cuts from McKeans

Grains & Legumes: #15 white rice, #10 brown rice,  #5 walnuts,

# 30 steel-cut oats,#20 rolled oats, # 5 red kidney beans, #5 black beans, #5 Farina cereal,# 25 hard winter wheat

Fruit: Apples to cellar and as much cider as God provides

25 – 30 pints applesauce, #8 raisins, 5 boxes prunes, 20 quarts grape juice(?), 2 quarts cranberry juice, raspberries, black raspberries & blackberries as God provides, 25 pints blueberries, 6 bags cranberries – to freezer, 8 cans pineapple, 8 cans peaches

Vegetables: 200 – 250 quarts of canned, frozen vegetables & dried vegetables: green beans, corn, broccoli, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, squash, peppers, onions, tomatoes,30 quarts tomato juice, 10 quarts tomatoes, sauerkraut

To cellar:3 pumpkins, acorn squash, winter squash, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic

Frozen food from grocery store: 8 pkgs. frozen green peas, 10 pkgs. chopped spinach, 1 box fillo dough, 4 boxes fish sticks, 4 boxes Pirogi

Dairy: #6 butter, #10 white cheese, 20 cans of condensed milk,10 pkgs. cream cheese

Condiments, Sauces & Jellies: 25 jars jams & jelly, 5 quarts apple butter, 6 pints salsa, 20 quarts spaghetti sauce, 5 jars tahini, 6 quarts BBQ sauce ( get new recipe), 7 jars mayonnaise

Soups & Stew: 25 pints of soup, 15 quarts of soup, 10 quarts beef stew, 10 quarts chili

Pantry Backbone: 10 large cans coffee, 20 pkgs. herb tea,10 pkgs. coffee filters, 2 quarts red wine vinegar, # 3 leaf lard, bottle good whiskey, #5 chili powder, # 35 white sugar, # 20 honey, #5 sea salt,1 can vegetable shortening, #7 brown sugar, 5 boxes powdered cocoa, 4 bottles dark. molasses, #2 sesame seeds, # 25 – 30 boxes assorted types pasta, 4 bags egg noodles,1 corn meal,#1 ground ginger,3 bags chocolate chips, 3 jars peanut butter, #2 black pepper,#1 red pepper, 3 boxes unsweetened chocolate, 3 quarts maple syrup, 8 cans olives, 4 jars artichoke hearts, 8 cans cream of mushroom soup, 25 cans tomato paste, 3 jars grated Parmesan cheese, # 3 confectioners’ sugar

Flour: #50 high gluten, #5 rye, #25 whole wheat,# 5buckwheat flour


6 boxes of kitchen matches, 6 boxes book matches,6 gal. bleach, 2 gal. white vinegar, 1 box borax, 7 large Tide, 8 fabric softener, 10 bottles dish soap, 6 cans cleanser, 3 pkgs. Scrubber pads, 4 window cleaner,12 boxes dishwasher soap, 6 bottles oil soap, 1 gal. ammonia, 5 bottles toilet cleaner, 5 bottles tub & tile cleaner, 12 rolls toilet paper, 36 rolls paper towels, 30 vacuum bags,4 pkgs. light bulbs,4 bottles all-purpose household cleaner, 2 box wax paper, 3 box aluminum foil, 4 boxes quart freezer bags, 4 boxes 2 gallon freezer bags, 2 mop replacement heads, 30 AA batteries, 10 bags rat poison



5 boxes Q-Tips, 5 mascara, 2 eye pencil, 8 toothpaste, 6 rolls dental floss, 3 large Listerine,4 shampoo, 4 hand lotion, 3 hair spray, 4 bags cough drops, 2 large Vaseline, 2 cough boxes suppressant, 1 large aspirin, 2 Pepto Bismol, 2 boxes anti diarrhea pills, 2 boxes Pepcide AC, 1 ipecac syrup, 1 Benadryl, 2 hydrocoritison cream, 1 box ibuprofen,1 box acetaminophen,



Check wicks & mantles

1 gallon clear lamp oil

5 gallons kerosene

Call chimney sweep

Clean oil furnace

Check fire extinguishers & smoke detectors

Pump septic tank

2 sets of sheets with pillow cases

Old zinc lids at flea market (15)



Check fuel oil level

Diverter in kitchen chimney?

New stove in living room?

Buy extra seed

Make hot bed by basement door

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